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It’s Poker but not as we know it

NJ Legal Poker - but no bonuses?

NJ Legal Poker – but no bonuses?

The long awaited and much heralded launch of legal online poker in the United States is just around the corner – just over three days to go.

But is it going to be ‘online poker’ as we have come to know and love it?

The short answer would appear to be ‘not yet’.

For this version of online poker for Americans will only be for those Americans that happen to live in, or be in, New Jersey. While other states are set to follow the NJ lead, it will probably be some time before there are any interstate ‘compacts’ that will allow players from seperate states to play together.

But that will – or at least should – come in time.

Other problems facing legal online poker in Americaland include a restriction advised today by the NJ.Gov site, that online poker operators will not be allowed to offer withdrawal restricted deposit bonuses for the first thirty days after launch. These deposit bonuses are very familiar to online players. In fact, just about every online poker site offers some form of a deposit bonus that has cashout restrictions based on wagering requirements. Well, not for the new NJ rooms, according to this NJ Gov bulletin.

Other problems on the horizon include a potential payment processor problem. If you remember, the UIGEA did not penalize either the players of the poker rooms, but went after the payment processors. Even though US facing sites got shut down, it was all about the money.

Well, that Act is still in place, and according this article in the Columbus Dispatch, the banks, and Paypal, are not going to play ball.

I imagine though that all these issues will get sorted out eventually, though they may make for a bumpy launch.

After that, the next big question will be about the future of those poker sites that continued to accept US players all this time.

One year later and still the legal online poker landscape in NJ is bleak to say the least. Oversaturation of the market with licenced poker rooms coupled with a sparse player base means that none of the competing companies are making any headway with regard to the growth of their number.

The cash cow that was going to be legal NJ poker has turned out to be quite dry. Perhaps that will spur the lawmakers on to relax their greedy grip on the throat of this great game; less fess might equal more players which will in turn mean mmore revenue for those people. Basic economics really.

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