Thursday 22nd of February 2018 10:33:01 PM

New to poker games? Avoid being shark bait!

Poker games used to be played in darkened rooms and casinos, before the online revolution turned the game into a truly popular worldwide phenomenon. The ease of access to Poker games that online providers have brought to the table has changed the face of the game. It is now possible for complete amateurs – otherwise known as ‘fish’ – to rub virtual shoulders with seasoned pros – or ‘sharks’ – in a way that rarely if ever happens in the world of physical poker. Here is some advice for fish new to online Poker games, to keep things fun and avoid being shark bait.

Success in Poker games is all about knowing your limitations. Many amateurs start sensibly enough in low limit games, but a sudden run of success can be all it takes to think that making the move to higher limits and more dangerous waters is a good idea. Many sharks are attracted to the easy pickings to be had just a few levels up the bottom, and the higher the limit, the quicker you can lose significant cash when you find yourself out of your depth. Be realistic about your abilities – it’s much more fun to win a modest amount regularly than lose a small fortune over a just a few hands.

Always keep sight of the fact that it is overall winnings that determine your success in Poker Games, and not the number of hands won. Taking ten small pots means nothing if you sink it all back into an ill conceived bluff and get cleaned out by an experienced and determined player with a good hand. Knowing when to fold and when to stay in a hand are the keys to success, with ducking out early always the sensible option for beginners if your hand is mediocre and other players are raising aggressively. Don’t stay in a round just because you are eager to play after folding on several bad hands, to avoid being an observer. It’s the cards your dealt and the betting patterns of other players that should determine how you play, and nothing else.

This brings us on to the next point, which is to focus on rational play, and avoid becoming emotional. If you’ve already lost more than you ought to have staked, and are getting upset, never try and claw it back through playing more hands. This emotional or desperate behavior is known as playing ‘on tilt’, letting blind hope override rational decision making. Only stake what you can afford to lose, and when this is gone, leave the table. You can always come back another day, preferably after some sleep.

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