Tuesday 23rd of January 2018 06:16:51 PM

Is Merge accepting Americans?

Now that it is the middle of July, we had expected to have some announcement from the Merge Poker Network regarding their position on American poker players. Remember their block on US players was only meant to be temporary and to last for a few weeks while they got caught up on a backlog of payment processing.

So far they have not changed that ‘temporary’ block and US players can not sign up with any room on the Merge Network right now. A statement from the network, one way or the other, would at least end the uncertainty.

It seems to be a trend at the moment for online poker rooms to not communicate with their players. Full Tilt has made no formal announcement to their large player base about the future of their poker room or, more importantly, the future of the players’ bankrolls that have been tied up in their mess.

Bodog, who ostensibly do accept American players seem to be not accepting the majority of players that try to sign up from the US, but again have made no formal statement about the matter.

It is not a good time for American players, and the lack of communication only leads to more doubt and suspicion.

Well in the end they did allow those players to join their site. I think though that perhaps they waited too long, and the first frenzy had long since passed by the time they made thier – what should have been obvious – decision to continue in the States. In for a penny in for a pound as they say. But he who hesitates is lost. And merge definitely lost what could have been a major pot for them, if you will forgive the clumsy poker reference.

Had they acted quickly, there might have been a reasonable transferring of the player base that were homeless, and that would have seen a surge in the Merge fortunes. But delaying was the wrong move on teh business side of things. They waited too long and many players that would have joined their room, had taken the time in the interval to either rethink their poker playing, or had found something else to do.

By the time Merge reopened their doors the expect flood of players had become little more than a trickle. Now that leaves this network in the worst of all situations; having decided to stay in the States, they found that they had few players form there – leaving them with all the risk but much less gain that what could have been.

The truth of that could be seen in the recent closure of two of their most visible poker skins. Both the long running and much renamed PDCPoker and the newer but slicker AcedPoker were shut down by their owners. That situation could have been avoided had the decision to act been taken in a timely fashion. It wasn’t and we are left with an ailing network that will continue to struggle given that there is no clear direction for them to move in.

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