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Improving your poker odds before playing

Here are three simple tips to help improve your chances of being profitable at poker before you even sit down at a poker table.

First, pick the right poker site.
There are a lot of poker sites out there. Many players will stay with the first site that they ever signed up with and never even look around at what else might be on offer.

Take some time to look around and see what other poker sites are offering prospective new players. You may be playing at a site that does not suit your particular strengths. Big sites like Poker Stars have thousands of players. Meeting the same players might be difficult at a site like that. Maybe you need to ‘know’ the people you are playing against, and a smaller room with less players might suit your style better.

The opposite might be true too. You may be at a small room where the other players know all your weak points. Playing against the same players may be detrimental to your profitability, and a larger, more anonymous site might be ideal for you.

Choose a good bonus
Poker sites give their new players deposit bonuses to encourage them to sign up. Some of these deals can be great for your bankroll. Playing the same amount of poker at a new site that you would have played anyway at your existing site could yield hundreds of dollars in bonus cash. Not all deposit bonuses are good ones though. Make sure that you can reach the requirements that are attached to whatever bonus you want to take before committing to it.

Choose the right table
Once you have picked your site and you have assured yourself that you will be able to release the full amount of the bonus that you are entitled to, take a moment to study the lobby.

If the cash tables are your game, then look at the stats for every table before joining. There will be a ‘viewed flop’ percentage listed for each table. This can be a great indicator of the style of play of the players at a given table. A high number here means that the players are ‘loose’ and a low number means they are playing ‘tight’. Always sit down at a table that is the opposite of how you play.

If you are a tight player, then a long session at a loose table might be very profitable for you, whereas athe same time at a tight table may be a real grind.

Those three simple poker hints could have an enormous impact on your game and your profitability.

Giggle Bingo

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