Tuesday 24th of April 2018 02:09:26 PM

Free Poker Money

The site at FBNPoker.com, which has been a leader in the free bonus area http://www.fbnpoker.com/no_deposit_poker_bonus.html for about six years, has recently redesigned their website and added a new section for free poker money http://www.fbnpoker.com/free_poker_money.html, also with no deposit required.

It is a good sign of this side of the business when a site has to add more space to showcase all the free bonuses that are available, and long may it continue.

Players can choose from a large selection of free bonuses totaling over $1,000 dollars in free cash, all of which can be claimed without ever needing to make a deposit.

We were a bit curious as to the difference between a ‘no deposit poker bonus’ and a ‘free poker money‘ bonus, especially as the player need not make a deposit when claiming either type of bonus.

It seems that the ‘free poker money’ bonuses are provided directly by the poker room concerned whereas the ‘no deposit’ bonuses are provided by a third party website. Other than that, they are all for free, and that is the important point!

Giggle Bingo

Playing better poker means taking advantage of every possible edge that you can get. We cannot stress this enough. Aside from deposit bonuses, one of the best advantages available to poker players is the 'free poker money bonus. While, unfortunately, these free bonuses do not run to thousands of dollars, the savvy player can pick up a few hundred in free cash.