Tuesday 23rd of January 2018 06:17:06 PM

Free Poker Bots

It is a fairly natural progression for a certain type of online player that at some point they will investigate the world of online poker bots.

Many of these players are losing players and, one way or another, they have heard that the only way to win at online poker is to use a bot. They most likely have also heard that they are losing to up to four of these bots at the poker tables all the time.

Now, many poker players here stories like this. Some get angry and quit the game for ever. Some get angry, but try to beat the bots. And some get angry, but then get interested, and convince themselves that if only they had a poker bot they would make a fortune at the game.

Those players that are serious about this, and have the money to spare, will pursue the poker bot angle like a business venture, or maybe like a passion, and will eventually spend many thousands of dollars on a poker bot, and the attendant software needed to run a bot successfully.

Other players, (like you maybe?) will look for the cheaper angle – free poker bots.

I am now going to give you the low down on free poker bots. It should be all that you need to know to stay away from this area of online poker.

First off, any poker bot that you get for free is not worth the price that you paid for it. Period.

If you had a working poker bot, one that made a profit playing poker while you did other things away from your pc, would YOU give it away for free?

That argument is solid. You can make excuses, offer up reasons why you are giving it away, make out like you are a benevolent millionaire or something, but ultimately if you had such a thing you would NOT give it away for free. Hell, you wouldn’t sell it either.

So why would you expect that anyone else would give it to you for free? They must have an angle, even if you can’t see what it is. What the angle is is not important; what is important is that it will not work. It will not be profitable. It can not possibly be to your benefit to use a poker bot that you got for ‘free’.

Stop and think about it for a minute, and then walk away and don’t waste your time.

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