Monday 23rd of July 2018 07:57:24 AM

Figuring your optimum first deposit

When it comes to depositing at an online poker room, there are a few things to take into consideration before putting you money down.

The safety and security of the poker room is obviously of great importance. This is a tricky problem though. If you think a poker room is not secure for whatever reason, you might decide to make the smallest deposit allowed so that if things do go wrong you won’t lose too much money. But is that thinking correct? I mean, if you think a poker room is not secure, should you really be depositing there at all?

bankroll-dollarsMaybe there are other factors that have to be taken into consideration. Perhaps you are worried that changes in legislation may cause you to lose your bankroll, just like what happened when the US government agencies went after poker rooms that served US citizens.

If you think that could be an issue, then making small deposits is probably wise. So long as you remember to cash out your winnings before they get too big as well.

Making a small deposit will mean that you will not be entitled to the full bonus deal that is on offer at every online poker room for new players. In fact, if you are bonus hunting, you will have to make the largest allowed deposit amount in order to get full value from the bonuses anyway. In that case, there is absolutely no reason to make a deposit for any amount less than the maximum allowed.

And these days, with the ending of the poker boom times, some poker rooms are starting to charge their players for each deposit, depending on the deposit method used. So small deposits could start to cost you money rather than save you some.

Further to all that, you may be tempted to make a large deposit in order to get the full bonus available.; But if that means putting in more than you are confortable with, or can afford, may lead to you having to make a withdrawal early of some of your bankroll because you need to spend it elsewhere. Bear in mind that there will be terms and conditions attached to more first deposit bonuses that will penalize you if you make a withdrawal before the full bonus amount has been released.

So again you might have cost yourself money. If poker is all about profit, then these small costs are important.

One final point on depositing more than you are comfortable with relates to your comfort level. Playing with a bigger bankroll than you are used to may lead you to play at stakes that are higher than you are confortable with. That is a basic mistake but it happens to a lot of players when they start out first.

Take some time when you are making a deposit for the first time at a new poker room. Think through all the factors that are relevant to your situation. Don’t get greedy and go for a big bonus if you really can’t afford it. You really don’t need any etra pressure when playing poker so worrying about your bankroll should not be an issue. Don’t let it become one.

One of the easiest ways to make some money from online poker is to take advantage of bonus deals.

That doesn't mean that you can't lose while playing a bonus, but the extra cash can help to offset losses for an average player, or even provide a bit of extra profit for a player that is already profitable.