Monday 23rd of July 2018 07:52:55 AM

Entraction Network Closing

It has been announced this week that the Entraction Poker Network is to be closed. The network owners, IGT, announced that due to uncertaiinty and changes in the European Poker markets, the network is no longer viable for them.

This has come as a bit of a shock, although the network traffic has been dropping for a while. Skins on the network include NoIQ poker and 24hPoker.

NoIQ poker emailed their player base earlier this week to say that they are currently looking for a new network to move their players to.

The online poker market has certainly changed quite a bit in the last few years, adn this move is considered to be, by some industry sources, a pre-emptive move by IGT in order to clear the way to entry to the U.S.A. online gambling market, if and when that is finally regulated.

Other poker networks and individual rooms have made efforts to ease their entry to any regulated US market, though that has involved not only restricting access to American players, but also paying massive fines to the US government.

If IGT are going the same route then we can expect to see the announcement of a settlement with the DOH some time soon.

Though that announcement did not come as expected, any room or network looking to someday enter the American market will have to play a very long game. At the time of the closure of this network there was speculation that this was part of a move to be legal and clean when the US did eventually open up. Waiting over two years though cannot really be considered a business strategy – it has to be considered being out of business.

And it’s not just that two years have elapsed since this announcement. Even after that time frame we are still no closer to a state wide legal poker environment, and cannot even see a way to that happening. At the moment it looks like a slow creep of compacts between the established legal sites in various jurisdictions that will spread the game to a wider, but not much wider, base. Even if that does happen, which we could not say for certain will happen or is even legal, it won’t for definite revotalize the industry. Even tripling or quadrupling the numbers online legally would only increase the proposed compacted network to the size of a minor poker room in the rest of the world. Hardly earth shattering, but I suppose it would at least be a step in the right direction.

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