Monday 23rd of July 2018 07:54:23 AM

Doyles moves from Cake

Today brings more bad news for the Cake Poker Network as announces they are moving (in fact have moved) to the Yatahay Poker Network.

That’s good news for players though as at least you can now download the Doyles room software, which many players were unable to do for the last month.

The Yatahay poker network has been around for ten years and is home to the first 3D poker room, True Poker.

The loss of the Doyles room players from the Cake network, following closely on the loss of three main poker rooms late last year does not bode well for Cake and should see their traffic ranking fall from it’s already low 25th position.

Existing players will have their account balances moved to the new software, so no worries there. Players will have to download and install the new software and they should be good to go.

And just how did this move work out for the much vaunted, even legendary, Doyles room? In short, it didn’t. The room no longer exists. Having made its move and fiddled with its players to accomodate all that, presumably to provide a better experience, it turned out that the network was not the problem.

Doyles is now gone, along with a host of smaller rooms that you probably never heard of. While small rooms come and go all the time, and Doyles never managed to grow to a reasonable size at all, even with all the years that it was in business, adn with the name of the great man himself behind the room, it is still sad to see these guys close their doors. They have been around as long as the internet poker world, being one of the first sites in the second rush, if you understand me.

And they were the very first naem branded poker room backed by a real life pro. It should have heralded great things both for that room and for the onlineg ame itself. But alas, it was not to be.

I think too that regardless of what happens or doesn’t happen vis a vis the poker situation in America, we are rather unlikely to ever see the resurrection of this site. Doyle himself is rather old now, and he must have given up the fight in the face of all the opposition and uncertainty, and legal fog, that any US online poker room has faced since 2006. It has been a constant battle for those rooms to persevere in the face of all that opposition.

I cannot blame him for deciding to quit. Nor for that matter the other rooms, though they are led mmore by business decisions than anything else. But this could herald the last days of the independent operator in this business, much like the high street.

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