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Poker News

At times the world of online poker can have so many stories floating around that it seems impossible to stay up to date.

The various legislation that has come out of the USA over the last few years caused a lot of changes in online poker, with the closure of some rooms to American players, some of which subsequently re-opened shortly afterwards. Plus the various government actions that were taken against various poker related entities which also had knock on effects on the viability of some payment processors and so on.

While it can seem like it would be impossible to keep up with the speedy changes that we have seen happen, it can have a big impact on your bankroll if you get taken unawares by something that you had every reason to know about in advance. While it is unfortunately true that no matter how much reading you had done in the weeks leading up to the shut down of Full Tilt you would still have been unprepared for that sites sudden shutdown of its poker room, that one story is more of a fluke that the reality. Ok, so you might say that the actions in America were both sudden and un fore-warned, but in reality, the legal situation over there had been often reported on in depth by numerous reputable sources. It didn’t take a genius to work out that the legal area was grey to say the least. Having said that I did get taken unawares by all that, so who am I to preach to you?

I suppose I could say that I learned my lesson from that fiasco, and now I diligently research anything that may impact any place where I keep money online. And that was a hard lesson to learn, as, contrary to popular belief, and the storeis put out by the new owners of FT, not all players had their bankrolls returned to them. But that is another story.

Anyway, the point of all that is, smart players make it a part of their weekly routine to spend some time on blogs and poker websites to learn what they need to know. it won’t keep them totally protected from every bad thing that can happen, but it sure can help a lot.

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