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Poker Bonuses

Poker bonuses come in all varieties and amounts. Some can be average or industry standard, and some can be very, very large. It can be tricky to know which ones are good value though, due to all the terms and conditions that are attached, and are definitely not industry standard. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be a clear norm when it comes to the terms associated with poker bonuses at all yet.

When I say ‘industry standard’ I just mean the normal amount that seems to be common among online poker rooms. At the moment a bonus of up to $500 at a rate of 100% deposit match is about the norm. Though some sites are leaning a bit more to the $1,000 mark these days, possibly due to inflation.

The few that I have rated and valuated are listed below here, with any other information that may pertain to the same subject. Bear in mind though that while the information in these articles was correct at the time that they were published, this is a fast changing world we play in, and the details may be out of date by now. perhaps it would be better to teach you how to rate your own bonuses. That might be an idea for an article. If I write it, you will probably find it listed under here too.
The ones that we feature here are ones that we believe represent good value to the casual player. If you have special requirements – if you are a high roller – then these bonuses may not be of much interest to you. If you are such a player with a specific need, then you probably want a site that is more dedicated to analysing this kind of offer. That is not us. There are many sites that rate and value poker bonuses specifically. Though I believe that the dollar value of the advertising these sites receive from the advertised sites influences their ratings a bit too much. That is just my personal opinion though, based on seeing a number of what I would consider to be bad value bonus being rated highly on those afore mentioned specific rating sites.

That does happen quite a bit in online adevertising I feel, and many bad rooms have great advertising departments. It is an old adage in advertising that the better the ad the worse the product. That may hold true in online poker too.

I don’t rate many bonus offers these days. Those that I do rate are only done because I intend to play them, and the rating then is done for my own benefit. While I declare that this is true, I don’t expect you to believe me. But that is my ethos; if I do recommend something then you can be certain that I believe in waht I am saying.

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