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Poker Advice

Sometimes, the best poker advice is to not play at all.

It is still true that the most profit to be had from a game of poker will come from money ‘not lost’ rather than won.

Poker is a game of mistakes, and the player that makes the least costly mistakes will come out the biggest winner. This is a two-fold lesson. Not only will your mistakes cost you the most, but also you will win most from capitalizing on the mistakes that other players will make.

This piece of poker advice can be very difficult for many players to take on board, which is a great pity, as sooner or later they will come to realize the truth of it. In the natural course of a poker players education a lot of chips will be needlessly lost by not accepting this truism early.

But in the same way that we all learn lessons from when we fall down, it is probably best that this lesson is learnt the hard way. And if possible, it should be learned early. You cannot always control how that will come abut though; control here presupposes that you know what you are doing, in which case you don’t need this advice anyway.

Much like other tips and tricks that players want to learn because they think it will give them a leg up the poker learning ladder, poker advice cannot make a great player out of a bad player. If there was only one piece of advice sitting between you losing and you winning, then it has to be the gem in the opening paragraph above.

We do have some other articles that contain helpful advice for players that are looking to improve their game, but to be honest, a lot of the effectiveness, or lack of it, that these articles will have will be entirely based on the willingness of the player to take that said advice.

Most people, and this is true in all walks of life, that need the advice the most are the least likely people to take it in the first place. That being the case, we still persist in publishing those articles that we hope will be of benefit to the right player, should that player happen upon them. While saying that,l we recognise that a lot of the wrong players will read our offerings and dismiss them as useless, and happily continue their search for the holy grail of poker knowledge – the mythical one piece of information that can transform their losing game play in hall of fame standard play.

One day, hopefully, they will take a break from that search, and instead take a closer look at themselves. Maybe, just maybe, they will see that it is they themselves that are standing in the way of their own success.


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