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We don’t have a lot of information for casino players at this site. Primarily we focus on poker and related stuff. Lately there has been a lot of news stories concerning poker, and, given that this is not a poker news site in the proper sense, it can be difficult just keeping up with that industry, without trying to cover casino adequately too.

It’s not that we don’t like casino games; if anything we like playing those games a bit too much. It’s just that we do not consider ourselves qualified to report much on the different aspects of playing at an online casino. Again it’s not from lack of experience, but more from the lack of any provable ability to manage playing these games in even the most adequate manner. I personally have both won and lost 4 figure sums playing Blackjack, my most favorite casino game. And those wins and losses were in one-night sessions. So it’s not that I can’t talk about playing teh games, or that I can’t describe the experience of betting $250 on a hand of bj to be deal splittable aces, or tens, and splitting them, only to hit both hands, winning $500 in one go. Or the same scenario but hitting a natural blackjack, getting paid 3 to 2 on my $250 stake. Oh no, I can talk about stuff like that all night long. It’s just that I don’t think that I should be encouraging people to play like I do; that means, to play as badly and recklessly as I do. Sigh.

Having said that, we do occasionally have a story or article about the casino world that we find interesting, and those stories are listed here. While general interest casino portals cover the main stories, sometimes to get in-depth information about a specific game you need to go to more game specific sites.

An example of a niche specific site is this one which covers specific systems for playing Baccarat, like the d’Alambert system adapted to Baccarat which is fairly niche I think you will admit. I picked that site as I use a modified d’Alambert for blackjack, and I couldn’t find that anywhere. Maybe I should write it up…

One more example, this time of a niche within a nice is of no deposit casino bonuses which is featured on a casino deposit specific site. So, the stories listed here will be more broad category stories rather than anything of specific interest to a specific game. For anything other than the most generic games information, you really do need a site written by someone a lot more qualified than I am.

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