Tuesday 24th of April 2018 02:07:59 PM

Bodog pulls out of U.S.

In was announced today that Bodog intends to be out of the US market by the end of the year.

Many US players are already finding it difficult to deposit at Bodog and it has been that was for a few months now. Because of the way that the Bodog brand is structured it can be difficult to understand what exactly is happening. Essentially, there are different Bodog sites but to the player they all seem to be the same one.

The Bodog poker room is currently operated under license from BodogBrand by different entities. The entity that currently serves the US market will no longer have a license from Bodog from the end of the year, but they could go ahead and find another poker platform to continue to operate in America. It just won’t be Bodog.

As to how the change will be implemented the details are not clear right now.

The effect is still the same though; no more US Players will be allowed in the Bodog Poker room by the end of 2011.

There is a follow up story on Bodog shutting their doors to Americans here. In brief though, the story is that they did pull out of the US. But only in a way.

In a convulated move they closed their site to Americans, while opening a new site called Bovada poker that only accepts Americans, and then they switched all their US players to this new site. The move went easily enough, as far as we can tell, and the new site is still operational 2 years later, in 2014.

The old Bodog .com site is now no longer operational as it was seized by government agencies (I say agencies, there were multiple bureaus involved in the seizure), so I guess it was the correct decision to make, and was impressively far sighted in what has become a short sighted industry.

By short sighted I mean the polarized view some bigger poker networks seem to have taken about the prospects of legal online poker in the US and what that will mean for ‘clean’ operators. The supposition seems to be that if you have kept your nose clean as a poker site or network operator, and also kept your nose out of the US player pool during all the legally uncertain times, then you and your poker room or network will be welcomed with open arms to the feast that will be legal poker in the states.

I don’t know that this is a true vision of what the future will bring for this part of the online gambling world. After all that we have seen over the yeras, why would anyone suspect that government regulated online poker will be any better run than any other government regulated industry. Ever.

Things sure do move fast in the online poker worls at times. It can be like a fulltime job just keeping up with the changes that seem to happen all the time in the poker industry.

Poker rooms close down, new ones open up, new laws are passed, new restrictions are put in place, even paymnet processors close down from time to time.

You might be tempted to just keep you head down and play poker, but it can pay to keep up to date with the latest events. Not losing your bankroll because you knew that your poker room was in trouble would make the effort more than worthwhile.