Monday 23rd of July 2018 07:53:17 AM

Bodog – just too much effort has stopped taking new players this week. This stunning developement was announced on the 4th October and put into effect on the 5th October. Not a whole lot of notice for their loyal players.

Their casino is still operational but not taking new players at this time. It is thought that they will reopen to new registrations once they have rebranded to somehting else. has also stopped taking any new players at any of their gambling offerings as well.

The Bodog brand is operated under different names in different countries or regions. The Canadian licence is remaining operational, and of course their American facing poker platform, Bovada, is also remaining operational. They also have another licencee, Bodog88, which operates mainly in the Asian market, and they are still open, but only to Asian countries at this time.

In fact, Bodog88 recently bought out the parent company and is now the owner of the Bodog brand. There is a chance that they will relaunch a poker room for the European/United Kingdom market in the future, possibly just opening their Bodog88 brand to players from other countries.

So, are you confused yet?

In reality though is Bodog such a great brand that they can do this to their players and get away with it? Why would any poker player want to go back to them if they do relaunch? At the very least they could have given a reasonable amount of notice to their loyal players instead of just shutting up shop overnight.

It is some consolation that player bankrolls should be safe. But it is still an inconvenience. Thankfully their player base was always low and so not too many people are affected, but even so, it shows a level of arrogance and lack of concern that is not something you want in your online gambling platform.

With the complicated licencing setup and now this treatment of their playres, are they really worth the effort?

Now that their American-player-only poker room has been opened the situation is a bit clearer. But not much. Because neither the existing Bodog poker rooms, nor the new U.S. facing site at Bovada Poker, will allow data mining, we cannot know how many players are active at any one time. Data mining is the process whereby you extra some puiblic numbers from the software, such as how many tables are active and how many players are playing.

Some sites publish this information but only if they can get at it in the first place. Which with these room we can’t.

So as to if these moves and reshuffling of players has led to a more popular poker site, or not, we can’t really know unless we log in and have a look. And we can’t do that because of all the country restrictions in place. So, too much trouble? Meh.

Things sure do move fast in the online poker worls at times. It can be like a fulltime job just keeping up with the changes that seem to happen all the time in the poker industry.

Poker rooms close down, new ones open up, new laws are passed, new restrictions are put in place, even paymnet processors close down from time to time.

You might be tempted to just keep you head down and play poker, but it can pay to keep up to date with the latest events. Not losing your bankroll because you knew that your poker room was in trouble would make the effort more than worthwhile.