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    Quick Tips for Poker Players

    We have said before that to be a profitable poker player you need to have more than one online poker account. There are a number of benefits to having accounts at multiple poker rooms but one that bears repeating is the opportunity to claim multiple sign up bonuses.

    This is not the same as opening multiple accounts simply to claim bonuses, but is similar in that you are entitled to whatever new deposits bonus is on offer for every new account you open.

    Bear in mind that opening multiple accounts on the same poker network might get you into trouble and marked as a bonus abuser. Spread your accounts around different poker software networks, not only for the bonuses, but also to get used to more than one type of software. They are all different to some extent.

    Of course not every player has enough cash to fund multiple accounts, and making minimum deposits won't get you much of a bonus. Even so, if you don't have too much spare cash you should still open more accounts just for the experience.

More Variety at Metro Casino

Variety always plays an important role in the success of any online gambling service, as it not only offers the customer a much greater selection, but it appeals to a wider array of tastes. Ergo more happy customers. Unlike a real life casino, online casinos are not restricted by room size or cost of staff […]


From little acorns...

Start small, and win big. We can't guarantee the win big part, but you can find some of the lowest limits for depositing in online poker rooms on this site. The big win is up to you.

Online Poker

Find some great gambling advice and some really tasty deals at PracticalGambling.com. Getting an edge is your online gambling can make the difference between winning and losing.

Improving your poker odds before playing

Here are three simple tips to help improve your chances of being profitable at poker before you even sit down at a poker table. First, pick the right poker site. There are a lot of poker sites out there. Many players will stay with the first site that they ever signed up with and never […]

Plugging your leaks

It used to be a common condition for even the most successful gambler to have one particular weak spot in their gambling strategy that caused them to lose most of their hard earned winnings. It is still common today, even in this internet led gambling world, for profitable poker players to lose a lot of […]

Live dealers

Do you know that you can play live casino games on casinos like 888 casino?

They use real live dealers and you can see the games being played in real time, so you can get the feel of a real live casino from the comfort of your own home.

It’s Poker but not as we know it

The long awaited and much heralded launch of legal online poker in the United States is just around the corner – just over three days to go. But is it going to be ‘online poker’ as we have come to know and love it? The short answer would appear to be ‘not yet’. For this […]

Bodog – just too much effort

Bodog.co.uk has stopped taking new players this week. This stunning developement was announced on the 4th October and put into effect on the 5th October. Not a whole lot of notice for their loyal players. Their casino is still operational but not taking new players at this time. It is thought that they will reopen […]

Entraction Network Closing

It has been announced this week that the Entraction Poker Network is to be closed. The network owners, IGT, announced that due to uncertaiinty and changes in the European Poker markets, the network is no longer viable for them. This has come as a bit of a shock, although the network traffic has been dropping […]

Bodog pulls out of U.S.

In was announced today that Bodog intends to be out of the US market by the end of the year. Many US players are already finding it difficult to deposit at Bodog and it has been that was for a few months now. Because of the way that the Bodog brand is structured it can […]

Online poker bankroll building

The most important factor that will determine your success or lack of it at the online poker tables, aside from your ability to actually play winning poker, will be your bankroll management skills. If you cannot manage your bankroll properly, then no matter how good of a poker player you are, you are facing an […]

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